What is your USP ?

Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is the bit about your business that makes it different from all the rest. Few organisations are truly different, but if you think hard enough you should be able to come up with something that makes you stand out. To help you think about your USP, complete my questionnaire below. … Read more

Poppy in wheat field

In a changed economic climate, competition promises to become fiercer. Standing out from a jostling crowd of business-hungry vultures is essential, but how do you do it? Differentiation is the key word here. “Ah, she’s talking about having a USP… but there’s no such thing anymore as a USP,” I hear you say. Well, promoting … Read more

Bin the plug: a brief guide to making an editor happy

You know you’re special. Your customers know you’re special. And your mum’s always telling anybody who’ll listen how special you are. So now it’s time to write the press release you’ve been thinking about for months (years?) to tell the world how remarkably, wonderfully, amazingly special you and your business are. Because they’ll be interested…won’t … Read more