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Something different

I love writing! I’ve been playing with words for years and have gathered rather an eclectic mix of creative writing experience.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, take a look at some of my work, below, and get in touch.


Two of my sketches have been published and are available to buy via Lazy Bee Scripts. ‘Chewin’ the Fat’ is a comedy based on a nerve wracking blind date, while ‘Merc-y’ takes a wry look at the relationship between Andrew and his long-suffering wife, Rosemary.

Both sketches run for approximately 3 minutes so they’re great as part of a longer comedy show or as short openers or fillers. You can buy the scripts here

Audition monologues

If you’re an actor looking for a unique audition monologue, I can help. I write bespoke monologues designed to suit your individual needs. You tell me the style you’re looking for and a little about the character you have in mind and I do the rest. Options to purchase include:

Sole use for one year: I retain the copyright but grant permission for you alone to use the monologue as often as you like, for audition purposes only (excludes private or public performances), for a period of 365 days from date of payment. At the end of the 365 day period, the monologue will be open for shared use, or alternatively you can choose to purchase another ‘one-year sole use’ licence.

Shared use: Again, I retain the copyright and may choose to grant permission to any other individual or theatre company wishing to make use of the monologue, upon payment of a ‘per audition’ or ‘per performance’ fixed fee. Permission may be granted by me for use of the monologue as an audition piece, or for a private or public performance.

"I’m always looking for an audition monologue that’s a bit different. I asked Michelle to write something for me that was a bit ‘off the wall’, comical yet contained some pathos, and she did just that!"
Elizabeth Caswell, Actor

Call me on 01525 591011 to discuss your dream sketch, monologue or speech