Meet your writer

An experienced professional
with a lifelong love of writing

When I was at school, my teacher told me I should become a lawyer because I asked so many questions! Well, I never became a lawyer (though I did work for a firm of solicitors for a time), but the ability to ask questions has stood me in good stead throughout my writing career.

It enables me to gain a solid understanding of who my clients are and how to tailor my writing to meet their needs…and it has turned me into a great researcher!

Writing experience

I’ve been working as a professional writer many years and have had a love of writing all my life, probably since the time I mastered the alphabet. Growing up I experienced success in various creative writing competitions, while as an adult I moved into business writing, magazine writing and have even had some success in sketch writing. I am also an editor of ‘Performance Coaching: A Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training’ written by Carol Wilson and published by Kogan Page (2014), and co-authored the chapters on Resilience and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Previous experience

Prior to becoming a professional writer, I spent 12 years working in the social care profession, including five years at senior management level. I also qualified as an EFL/ESOL teacher and taught English to speakers of other languages to university level.

Though it’s not necessary, as a writer, to have in-depth knowledge of every type of business I write for, my experience is comprehensive. Over the years I have written for companies, organisations and individuals across a range of fields including: Employee development, management development, HR, education, coaching, charities, the environment, the arts, fashion and beauty, market research, retail (high street and online), law, customer service, food, hospitality, business consultancy... and more besides. In particular, I have a key specialism in the area of health, wellbeing and social care. You can read more about my specialism here.

My tools as a writer

Computer; paper; dictionary; thesaurus; grammar book; book of quotations; rhyming dictionary; large box of Maltesers

I specialise in writing for the social care and health & wellbeing sectors